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Digital training courses for employees

News Aries-TM

“Developing digital skills in the Central and Western regions”

Mysmis code: 143112

KO-FA Association will implement between 01.04.2022-31.10.2023 the project entitled “Developing digital skills in the Central and Western regions“, Mysmis code: 143112.

The project will be implemented in partnership with RESOURCES DEVELOPMENT & IDEAS SRL and LAM Foundation.

ARIES-TM (Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry, Timisoara branch) recognizes the need for education of SMEs in Romania, the importance of human resource development through continuing education and training and collaborates to achieve this project by identifying the target group in the West Region.

The project aims to implement an individualized support program for a number of 36 SMEs and 310 employees from SMEs operating in sectors with competitive potential in correlation with the areas of smart specialization in the Central and Western regions, through learning programs for the employees of these enterprises. The project aims to develop and provide a training program for employees of these SMEs.

The training program will include three components:

a) a qualification program – Data Entry Operator, validation and processing in order to acquire basic digital skills, each participant will receive a certificate recognized at European level;

b) a training program in the acquisition of advanced digital skills

c) a training program for IT specialists at the level of SMEs supported by the project.

All these training programs are offered for FREE.

For more information regarding the organizational details, the complete list of modules available through the project and any other information, contact us at mariana.rus@aries-tm.ro or by phone 0040-734006998.




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