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The most important reasons
to become a ARIES-TM member:


Information, PR & Marketing, national and international networking

  • Multiple possibilities to receive information about your business domain
  • Receive newsletters with new business opportunities, offer and partnership requests, invitations to national and international events through Enterprise Europe Network and many others


Business and partnership opportunities

  • We are the largest IT&C association in Romania (over 250 member companies across the country, with 5 branches in Braşov, Timişoara, Cluj, Craiova, Iaşi)
  • We have experience in launching and implementing European projects with practical applicability in the Romanian and European market
  • We already have a network of homologous associations – international partners in countries that want to do business and you can always contact support, information, partnerships worldwide
  • Anyone with a strategic vision in IT&C and Electronics dictated by the relevant ambitions for the future can join the ARIES Community


Lobby & Advocacy for the IT&C industry

  • We have experience of over 20 years with various services addressed to ITC and Electronics market
  • You will have numerous networking opportunities at home and abroad with potential customers and business partners
  • We are always open to new opportunities for partnerships in Romanian IT&C industry
  • Elaboration of studies, analysis and strategies
  • Maximum transparency and equidistance in order to assure trust in our intentions and to create a powerful image and reputation that will support our activity


Events organisation
(conferences, fairs, seminars, workshops, brokerage events)

  • You can participate in Romanian flag at roadshows and international fairs partly subsidized by the MMACA (50% of travel costs for one person firm + 100% cost of advertising and organization stand or economic mission), and we take care of the whole organization in the Romanian Delegation
  • We organize or we are partners to dozens of national and international events (conferences, fairs, roadshows, exchanges)
  • We can promote your major events on our Facebook, if you invite us or send us pictures


Training & Consultancy

  • Professional training and perfectioning courses in IT&C, technical and soft skills, at competitive prices

How to become a member:


Download and fill out the Member Request Form.


Download the Company Profile in Romanian, fill it out and create a similar one in English, keeping only the relevant information for foreign markets.


Ask for the bill for the next semester fee and send proof of payment by email.


Send us on email the completed forms and the payment proof.