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The Romanian Association for Electronic and
Software Industry

ARIES România (Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry) is the largest and most influential, professional non-governmental organization created for the IT&C industry in Romania, with more than 250 members from around the country.

The parent association is located in Bucharest and is organized in five branches: Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brașov, Craiova and Iași.

ARIES is considered to be the largest association of its kind in South-Eastern Europe, it is presently the most important and reliable source of information for the IT&C business community.

Since September 2004, ARIES has been close to its members and partners in the Western Region of Romania through its branch in Timişoara, ARIES-TM.

Its main purpose is to promote and to protect the technological business field within the area.

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ARIES-TM is well anchored and connected in the regional ecosystem.

This leads to having strong links with the regional actors like companies, the local public authorities, universities, clusters, start-up communities, and other associations.

Our Vision

The Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry is a real promoter of the ICT industry.

Through its size, density and influence, the ICT field is the most dynamic industry in Romania. The main purpose of ARIES-TM is to improve our nation’s image, in terms of ICT competitiveness, around the world.

Our Mission

The mission of ARIES-TM is to contribute substantially to the growth of the members’ competitiveness by:

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    Continuously developing our services and being able to answer the companies’ specific demands, in the context defined by the dynamics of the ICT market;


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    Strengthening our position as the leader in the field of ICT promotion in Romania;


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    Establishing and maintaining partnerships with the academic environment, business incubators and business schools, non-governmental organizations and international organizations, in order to provide our members with opportunities to become more competitive on the local, national and international markets.


We will achieve this ideal in compliance with the following set of values:


Fulfilling our members’ needs represents our main priority and, at the same time, the main objective of our activity.



The success of our activity depends on continually improving the services we provide.


Human Resources

We intend to hire, train and motivate the best people, so as to achieve the best results.



We will improve our conception processes constantly, we will establish and maintain partnerships with similar international associations, academic institutions, consultancy companies, with the aim of offering services based on quality, innovation and excellence, in accordance with the European Union standards.



To support member companies to develop business, to increase their efficiency and to develop and influence the direction of the ICT region.


Strategic Objectives

The development of the technology business environment and the promotion of the ICT industry from the Western part of Romania by:


Organizing conferences, workshops, regional exhibitions and other manifestations on research, development and innovation subjects, in order to support our member companies


Creating opportunities designed to bring competitive advantages to the benefit of our member companies;


Establishing collaboration relationships with similar foreign associations, consulates, embassies and economic representatives


Lobbying for the ARIES-TM member companies in order for them to participate successfully in economic missions, fairs and exhibitions, around the country and abroad


Creating partnerships with third parties to support and develop our projects: universities with a technical profile, regional non-governmental organisations, training and consultancy agencies, financial and banking institutions

According to the development strategy of ARIES-TM, the organization’s actions and projects are focused on:

  • Lobby and advocacy for the ICT industry

  • Human resources and education

  • Innovation and research

  • Project finance in the ICT sector

  • The activation of work groups in specialized domains of the ICT industry

feature background

„Banat Software” Cluster works in close coordination with Romanian Association for Electronics and Software Industry-Timisoara Branch (ARIES-TM), which is the cluster management entity.

Thanks to the provided activities, Banat Software Cluster was awarded with the Bronze Certificate by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis (ESCA). This certification facilitates access to collaboration opportunities with clusters from Europe, to partnerships and joint development projects, access to European funds.