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uRADMonitor double winner at AIRLAB Challenge Awards

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During the “Airlab Challenge Awards” competition, 33 companies presented their solutions to a jury of specialists from the Airparif and Atmo Hauts-de-France metrology laboratory. Two Romanian projects took 1st place: uRADMonitor AIR and uRADMonitor SMOGGIE.

uRADMonitor SMOGGIE has earned a reputation for low cost and high performance, but also for being launched in open source, which makes it extremely attractive in technical schools, high schools or universities, where students have assembled such devices. There are currently approximately 800 SMOGGIE uRADMonitor sensors installed worldwide.

URADMonitor AIR is also the first portable pollution measurement system that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile phone and measures pollution while doing sports or regular outdoor activities and warns us when our health is endangered. uRADMonitor AIR was also named a finalist in the 2018 IoT / WT Innovation World Cup competition in Munich, a competition focused on wearables.

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