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Loginro.com- Brain regain for the Romanian tech industry, a project in partnership with ARIES-TM

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Loginro.com brings together top 100 of the most powerful tech companies from RO, with complex jobs and a vibrant relocation and a ”how to live” in Romania guide, in order to offer professionals who live abroad (approx. 40.000 tech professionals in diaspora), as well as those in RO (approx. 140.000) an overview of the quality of the software and solutions developed here, complex jobs and the quality of life.

Our purpose is to capitalize on the Romanian IT talent, to create a functional, alive tech community, and to signal the potential of the industry from a qualitative perspective, not only the number of human resources. Our long-term goal is to contribute to strongly position Romania on the global IT map, to feed the “brain regain” trend for Romania, to improve our country rating in the world of IT professionals.

The concept is based on attraction and engagement mechanisms which have been validated on the talent tech market during the past 10 years and it aims to be the marketplace for all complex and relevant jobs in the tech industry in Romania.

Almost 50 companies have already joined the project during the mere 4 weeks since launching the invitation. The initiative will be launched end of April and the companies interested to participate may contact us at contact@loginro.com.

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