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The first electronic calculating machine was the creation of the Timișoara Polytechnic Institute

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60 years ago, on 02 March 25 1961, MECIPT-1 (Electronic Computing Machine of the Timișoara Polytechnic Institute), the first alpha numerical computer in the Romanian university environment, was put into operation in Timișoara. Thanks to him, there was the first generation of programmers. It worked for 10 years and is now a museum piece.

The computer occupied an entire room and consisted of four two-meter-high panels. He received the approval of the Ministry of Education from that time. The creators of MECIPT-1, the mathematician Wilhelm Lowenfeld and the engineer Iosif Kaufmann, were decorated by the country’s president in 2003 with the highest rank – the Star of Romania in the rank of Knight – for their contribution to the development of computing technology in Romania.

The construction of MECIPT-1 was done at the Piarist High School, the headquarters of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. After the realization of the MECIPT, the Computing Center was established. The processing speed of the computer made some programs take hours and even days. It worked with 50 operations per second, and the instructions consisted of 15 binary digits. The programs were introduced with perforated tape. An ordinary typewriter operated as a printer.

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