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IT&C meets Automotive

CCIA Timiș, Sala CEDO

On the occasion of starting the “Moon and Industry” project, launched by the InvestRomania team, ARIES Timișoara together with CCIA Timiș, will organize on May 30, 2016, at 10:00, at the headquarter of CCIA Timiș,  3 Victoriei Square, 1st floor, CEDO Hall, “IT&C meets Automotive” seminar, dedicated to promoting and increasing the visibility of the IT&C industry, both among foreign investors and among exporters.

The event is intended to be an excellent opportunity to establish a platform for dialogue in the field of IT&C and Automotive industry – synergies between the 2 sectors – horizontal integration of the IT&C industry – the concept of “Industry 4.0” in the automotive industry.

We would be very pleased to join our event, which will bring together relevant players from the IT&C and Automotive industry, public authorities, universities, regional development agencies and start-ups.

During the event, we will have as guest Mr. Manuel COSTESCU – Secretary of State, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Relations – InvestRomania, a government institution that aims to attract and implement foreign investment in Romania, which will address issues such as Integrating IT&C into potential growth industries, the Juncker Commission’s investment incentive plan and the European Union’s Research and Innovation Framework Program – H2020.

We are convinced that your presence will contribute to the success of this event and will ensure the initiation of recommendations addressed to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Relations.

We would be honored if you would respond positively to our invitation by 25.05.2016.

For confirmations the contact person is Mariana RUS, ARIES-TM, mobile 0734-006-998.

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