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Cowork Timișoara, the hub where entrepreneurs from the western region gather.

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The Cowork Timișoara team announces the expansion of The Office coworking space, a hub that, in one year, has grown to a total area of ​​1000 square meters. The development of this space created by Cowork Timișoara, under the motto “The future of work is co-“, is supported by partners such as Orange and BCR.

The pandemic has generated a new dialogue among the residents of Cowork Timișoara, which provides two places for remote work in the city of Timișoara. After the pandemic, the Cowork Timișoara team found that members of their community are looking for new socializing opportunities, moments to exchange energy and ideas.

At Cowork Timișoara, collaboration is one of the basic pillars. For this reason, their new motto is “The future of working is co-“, where “Co” is the key word that opens the door to collaboration and community in the professional world of tomorrow.

In addition to The Office, Cowork Timișoara also offers residents the option of The Garden, their main meeting place and most appreciated, which offers both space for working outdoors and at the office, indoors. The already famous terrace at The Garden has recently been renovated and is now ready to host new outdoor events.

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