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A highly significant event, Tech Talks by UPT – “AI for Humanity”

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On Friday, May 17, 2024, nine world-renowned speakers, top experts in the AI industry, opinion leaders and pioneers in the field took to the stage of the Timiș cinema to share their perspectives and explore the impact of artificial intelligence on society. They discussed how technology can be used to improve people’s lives, with the event marked by the presence of the famous Garry Kasparov.

Garry KASPAROV – Enhancing Humanity Through Machine Intelligence

After the meeting with the audience in Timișoara, Garry Kasparov points out that Artificial Intelligence is becoming stronger and more ubiquitous every day, and no one understands better than him how it can challenge us in surprising ways. Kasparov points out that the key is to remind ourselves that AI is a tool, not an agent of utopia or dystopia. When used properly, AI augments human capabilities, becoming a tool for exploring the mind’s potential. While keeping responsibility and human common sense at the heart of our actions, AI can help us become better and more creative thinkers.

Andras Ferenczi – AI in Banking: Transitioning from Conventional Models to Generative Models and Quantum Computing

Andras Ferenczi, a graduate of Politehnica Timisoara University, is recognized in the FinTech industry for his innovative contribution in the field of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, setting new standards. With an impressive professional experience of over 25 years, Ferenczi has been constantly involved in the FinTech sector, significantly influencing it. A large part of his career is associated with American Express, where he still works today. For over 17 years, he has led projects and initiatives in intelligent automation, transforming financial services and improving customer experiences.

Cornel Amariei – AI-powered Eyewear for the Visually Impaired

Through the dotLumen project, Cornel Amariei is developing a pair of revolutionary glasses designed to support the mobility of blind people, representing an innovative technological alternative and a major advance in the direction of creating a more accessible environment for the visually impaired. During the conference, he presented the most advanced assistance technology in the world and the story behind its creation in Romania. His project to develop technologies that amplify human capabilities, promoting the inclusion and autonomy of people with disabilities, received a grant worth more than 9 million euros from the European Innovation Council. His achievements have been recognized by numerous prestigious awards, including the first nomination of a Romanian in Forbes Europe “30 under 30”, inclusion in the Global Business Hall of Fame and the title of one of the Ten Outstanding Young People of the World, awarded by JCI.

Corina Apachițe – The Impact of AI on Automotive Innovation

Corina Apachițe, PhD in computer science with a specialization in hybrid systems verification, brings a solid academic foundation to her work in the field of artificial intelligence. She leads the Artificial Intelligence and Data program within Software and Core Technologies, part of Continental Automotive Technologies. In this position, he assumes responsibility for technical strategy and operational implementation, working closely with business areas and central functions. His team contributes significantly to the company’s vision of an “AI-powered mobility” and an “AI-assisted employee”, making important progress in the integration of artificial intelligence in the mobility sector.

George Roth – Shifting from the Industrial Revolution to the Intellectual Revolution

George Roth, AI and Document Understanding Evangelist at UiPath, brings significant influence to the field of artificial intelligence and automation. Originally from Cluj-Napoca and now based in Silicon Valley, Roth combines a distinctive entrepreneurial spirit with extensive experience and technological knowledge. In May 2018, UiPath recognized the value of its intelligent document processing platform and acquired it, and Roth was behind the development of the document understanding platform at UiPath. His presentation explored the concept of “invisible AI”, discussing current trends and future predictions in the AI revolution.

Andreas Ekström – Organic Intelligence

Andreas Ekström, a journalist, author and speaker from Sweden, shared fresh insights on the online world, media and digital equality at UPT’s Tech Talks 2024. With a prolific authorship of nine books, Ekström is a household name in Sweden, actively engaging in public debates about the intersection of technology and society. His presentation focused on the online world, media and digital equality, as well as an analysis of the struggles of the digital revolution and a call to the community for digital democracy in the age of artificial intelligence.

Sonya Barlow – Is Artificial Intelligence Ethical?

Sonya Barlow, founder of LMF Network, addressed the ethical implications of artificial intelligence (AI) at Tech Talks by UPT 2024. AI mimics human thought and decision-making processes by learning from its environment. Barlow expressed concern about the impact of AI, raising questions about ethics, possible biases, transparency and the consequences of replacing jobs and individual rights. It highlights the rapid and uncontrolled adoption of AI and the ethical dilemma of autonomous AI systems, including their use in weaponry.

Mihai Drăghici – Intelligent Individuals Leveraging Smart Tools

Mihai Drăghici is an IT entrepreneur and visionary with over two decades of experience turning innovative ideas into scalable products in diverse global markets, including Romania, Bulgaria, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, USA, Canada, South Africa, Mexico and India . His FinTech expertise has fundamentally revolutionized the digital payments landscape, with an emphasis on improved security and operational efficiency. As the founder and CEO of PayByFace, Drăghici is a pioneer in the development of biometric payment solutions, offering a fast and secure alternative to traditional payment methods. The innovative technology it develops enables effortless transactions through facial recognition, eliminating the need for physical payment instruments and significantly reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data. At Tech Talks, he highlighted that the idea that one day “AI will do the work for us” is no longer just a dream, but is already happening in our everyday society.

Elias BAREINBOIM – AI and Causality

Professor Elias Bareinboim of Columbia University stands out as a leading figure in the artificial intelligence revolution, his ground-breaking research redefining the future of decision-making. His pioneering work, particularly in the field of causal inference, brings deep insights into how AI can influence and improve human decision-making processes. Professor Bareinboim’s contributions to AI research are not only academic, but have far-reaching practical implications in various sectors, from health to finance, where strategic decision-making is critical. His efforts to understand and apply causal inference within AI enable systems to predict outcomes and make informed choices, revolutionizing industries by providing tools for better decision-making. At Tech Talks, he hosted an online dialogue on the latest advances in causal inference and artificial intelligence.

In conclusion, the equally demanding topic for Tech Talks by UPT 2025 was revealed: “Quantum Supremacy”.

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