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Companies want workers back in office, but employees really want flexibility

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According to the latest survey conducted by the BestJobs recruitment platform, more and more companies want to bring their teams to the office, but 67% of employees would prefer a hybrid way of working, which would give them the opportunity to choose how many days they work from office. 1 in 4 employees would resign if they could not choose the way they work.

64% of survey participants say that one of the main reasons why they would not want to return to office work completely would be the time allotted to travel between headquarters and home. The easy organization of the program and the time spent with the family are the main benefits that employees take into account when choosing a flexible way of working.

Employees want to choose when and for what they go to work from the office, an advantage they have due to the hybrid way of working. The main reasons that would bring one or more days a week to the office are the projects where it is necessary to align with all team members (43%), the need to socialize (26%), the possibility to make more movement due to the exit from home (23%) and better separation between personal and professional life (28%).

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