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UPT has inaugurated the high-performance CloudPUTing node

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Politehnica Timișoara University launched on 20 April 20 2022, the CloudPUTing node, a high-performance computing platform that will help research professors and students to implement their projects. The platform can be accessed from anywhere and applications can be created in various fields.

The overall objective of the project was to increase the research and innovation capacity of UPT by creating a high-performance, heterogeneous, efficient, energy-efficient, private-type cloud node based on open technologies, connected to a national network of cloud nodes, with applicability in the collection, storage, analysis, distribution and protection of the masses of heterogeneous data, produced within the research and innovation initiatives carried out in the western region of Romania.

In addition to the creation of this virtual platform, in the space inside the SPM Building, on 1 Mihai Viteazul Boulevard, the highest technology equipment was also installed. The servers through which the information will be stored have a capacity of 600 Terra, 500 processors and 12 graphics cards through which high performance calculations are made.

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