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Charging stations for electric cars from Lektri.co

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Lektri.co is a manufacturer and supplier of charging solutions for electric cars for the European market, which currently sells 8 models of chargers for customers. The company believes that the future can only be electric, offering solutions that are easy to implement for all those interested in building a greener future.

In 2019, Lektri.co became Romania’s first representative in the Open Charge Alliance – a global alliance of the electric car industry, made up of hardware, software and charging network operators. Thus, all Lektri.co stations comply with the OCPP 1.6 standard, communicate in cloud and can also be used to charge charging. Currently, Lektri.co brand charging stations are used in dozens of locations in Romania, Serbia, Poland, Germany, France and Italy.

This year, the company developed and launched the charging station management platform and charging process charging by third-party applications, such as store chain or parking chain applications.

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