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An interesting interview with Radu Motișan, the founder of uRADMonitor

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We invite you to read an interview with Radu Motișan, founder of uRADMonitor, member of ARIES-TM, about how he built a network of monitoring sensors for cleaner and future cities, which can be a solution by which the authorities no longer have to look for the source of the smell of smoke, but be able to save time and resources by going straight to the target.

uRAD Monitor was founded by Radu Motișan, an entrepreneur from Timișoara, in 2015, with a crowdfunding campaign where he raised $13,000 to build sensors that monitor air quality.

Gradually, from the construction of sensors, Radu Motișan developed uRAD Monitor. Hardware has become more complex, and an entire network collects this data and can be monitored. uRAD Monitor can be used by private entities to monitor air quality outdoors and indoors. In addition, public authorities have a local partner in uRAD Monitor to have data on pollution in different areas.

Read more here.

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