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200 participants attended the inaugural SPARK by UPT entrepreneurship conference for students

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The inaugural SPARK by UPT entrepreneurship conference for students occurred on May 28, 2024, at the UPT Conference Center. Approximately 200 eager participants convened to enhance their entrepreneurial knowledge and skills.

During the event, accomplished entrepreneurs and experts from diverse fields such as IT, MedTech, AgeTech, and more were welcomed to offer participants exclusive and invaluable perspectives on the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Adam Somlai-Fischer, recognized as an architect, interaction designer, and co-founder of the Prezi platform, revolutionized the approach to presentations. Throughout his talk, Adam shared with the audience the strategies for crafting memorable presentations, highlighting the significance of spatial cognition, storytelling, and practical visual design.

Laura Bulai, one of the co-founders of the online platform helperz.ro, which links users with local professionals, recounted the pivotal stories from her life that have shaped the current success of Helperz: Romania’s largest community of nannies and housekeepers, boasting over 17,000 registered parents.

George Diță, a co-founder of WiseUp and Product Manager for a US private equity fund, recounted his initial entrepreneurial endeavor as a child, during which he crafted and sold coloring pages to his school peers.

Maxim Rotaru, Founder of Webamboos, discussed the four indispensable tools for every entrepreneur at the conference: vision, adaptability, responsibility, and perseverance. During his speech, he underscored the significance of persistence and leveraging the student phase to kickstart a business venture.

At the conference, Ciprian Man, an Angel Investor at Growceanu, delved into the crucial link between angel investors and students, showcasing how he invested in and secured multiple financings for one of Romania’s thriving startups, Rayscape, which was founded by students.

Monica Moldovan, Co-founder of The Care Hub, relayed to the audience her narrative on the significance of a social mission in entrepreneurship, underscoring her inspirations and professional journey, which encompassed diverse experiences across the globe. Upon returning home, The Care Hub was established – a platform streamlining connections between families and caregivers.

Adina Wanda Fiat, Co-Founder of MediNav, outlined the journey of recognizing the necessity to streamline bureaucracy within the medical sector, culminating in the development of “MediNav” – a virtual medical assistant. This innovative tool automatically captures dialogues during medical appointments, thereby eradicating the time-consuming task of completing numerous documents.

The heightened enthusiasm for this initiative mirrors the students’ eagerness and aspiration to actively participate in entrepreneurship, demonstrating their ambition to carve out their own trajectories in the business realm.

To find further information, please follow this link.

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