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The platform that helps students prepare for important exams

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Two students created the VreauLa.ro platform, which has the mission to offer the possibility to any high school student to prepare for the college entrance exam free of charge, online and in an interactive way.

Currently, VreauLa.ro helps students prepare for the faculties of the Polytechnic, Medicine, Law, but also for the Baccalaureate exams and the National Assessment.

At this time, the platform provides:

● 20,000+ registered users, who solved over 15,000 tests

● 296 training tests

● 300+ materials for seven subjects

● 8000+ grid questions, divided to chapters

We invite you to watch the interview with Mihai Pîrvuleț and Codruț Lemeni about the education system in Romania – gaps and possible solutions, but also about the plans they have with their platform, at the following link.

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