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Study: Young People’s Career Expectations

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For young people from Generation Z (between 16-24 years old) personal and professional development at work is one of the most important motivating factors. They expect to receive customized learning opportunities.

The rapid evolution also determines a faster transition of young people from one company to another, they plan to stay a maximum of 5 years in a company, compared to 10 years, which was the predominant response of managers in multinational companies.

When choosing a job, both for managers and young people, the most important things are: to do what they like (1st place), the work environment and the team (2nd place). These things are also confirmed by the Insights PulseZ study, which also surprised the fact that for about 1 in 3 young people nationally it is important and motivating to have the opportunity to contribute and leave their mark.

To the question “How long should you hold a certain position in a company before being promoted” the young people answered one year, compared to the managers, who answered 4 years.

Young people want a flexible job that allows them to work both at home and in the office. 53% of young people want a mixed system of job locations, 17% want to work only from the office and only 5% of young people want to work only from home.

You can see the results of the study here.

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