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European Union’s common charging port norms

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European Union lawmakers have reached a provisional agreement to mandate mobile device makers include a standard USB-C charging port for devices (such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, e-readers, earbuds, keyboards, computer mice, and portable navigation devices) sold in the region starting autumn 2024.

Manufacturers will be given a grace period of 24 months after the law is published in the EU Official Journal. The common charger requirement will also apply to laptops, but manufacturers will be given 40 months to adapt their devices to the new standards.

The Commission has been promoting since 2009 the implementation of a common charging solution for mobile phones and other similar electronic devices. Although, after years of working with industry on a voluntary approach, the number of mobile phone chargers has been reduced from 30 to 3 in the last decade, this approach has not allowed full harmonization. Until now, there has been no legal basis for the practice of separating chargers.

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