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   ARIES-TM members' benefits   Beneficiile membrilor ARIES-TM
The Romanian-Swiss Multimedia Institute

The Romanian-Swiss Multimedia InstituteAt first there was the idea ... a modern school to bridge the gap between theory and practice and create specialists in the most wanted jobs on the labour market: WebDesigner, WebProgrammer an (...)
» 19 February 2013
Romanian Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 201 (...)

» 18 October 2012
GO USA! Roadshow 2012 in Timisoara, for tech indus (...)

» 17 October 2012
GO USA! Roadshow 2012 – business conference to pro (...)
Consultancy meeting regarding intellectual property

ARIES-TM with the help of different third parties org (...)

ARIES-TM members' benefits

As an ARIES-TM member company, you will be part of a group that draws together the best ICT experts in the Western Region of Romania. Member companies have full access to a complex set of facilities:
Opportunities: Information; PR and Marketing; Networking;
Lobby and advocacy for the ICT industry;
Training and consultancy.

1. Opportunity-driven business development.
Direct opportunities:
Access to analyses and information on the market, products, directions and development trends in the ICT field;
Access to offers and auctions;
Access to members’ projects and to business opportunities coming from partners and collaborators of our branch;
Access on our website and links towards your website;
Inter-connect opportunities:
   - branch-level events, national and international events, on a preferential fee basis:
      - 25 to 50 % price cut;
      - 50 % government-based financing for participating at fairs and economic missions;
   - economic missions with stands at the Productronica and Electronica international fairs;
Promotion opportunities:
   - promotion of your company on the ARIES-TM website and in the ARIES newsletter, by posting information concerning company events, current or future projects, follow-ups, various news, success stories, press releases;
   - promotion of your company’s products and achievements in specialized magazines, such as ‘Electronica Azi’ and ‘ComputerWorld’.

2. Business development through collaboration
Indirect opportunities accessed through the association:
PR and marketing – adaptable service packs;
Offers from internal and external partners;
Offers from member companies;
   - Internal networking: systematic actions designed to promote mutual acquaintance and technological and business partnership possibilities;
   - External networking: systematic organization of events dedicated to the establishment of contacts and connections between member companies and profile organizations, vertical industry organizations, universities and personalities.

Strategic associations with similar organizations or vertical industry organizations: access to information and scientific and economic events;
Strategic associations with universities: inter-correlation between universities and companies with the view of elaborating joint research, development and innovation projects;
Third-party collaboration with training and consultancy companies, financial and banking institutions;
Special interest and innovation groups.

As an ARIES-TM member, you will have the opportunity to participate at events organized by our partners and third-parties from the profile or vertical industry.

Counseling and supporting member companies in different business opportunities and projects, at national and international level;

Lobbying for the ARIES-TM members, in order for them to participate successfully in economic missions, fairs and exhibitions, in Romania or abroad;

Representing and supporting the professional interests of our member companies among governmental bodies, local authorities and other national or international organizations and institutions;

Promoting normative acts among legal bodies, at member companies’ interest;

Establishing contacts between member companies and financial and banking institutions, with the aim of obtaining preferential crediting offers;

Lobbying for the adjustment of the university curricula in accordance with the dynamics of the ICT market.

ARIES-TM creates opportunities for developing new skills, through:

A. Training - designed to fit the needs and demands of the member companies
‘Successful sales in the ICT field – from process to presence’; Modules: ‘Successful techniques in the ICT sales’, ‘Sales negotiation’;
‘Personal Branding’: training sessions dedicated to students from technical universities;
Intensive specialized courses for the ICT field, in partnership with national and international technical universities.

ARIES-TM is open to suggestions from member companies, in what the ICT trainings and workshops are concerned.

Members can access their Expertise Area and then the Training Area in order to find more information on our current and future training offers and to make on-line appointments.

B. Consultancy
Consultancy and assistance concerning intellectual property – this facility will be offered by ARIES-TM with the help of a third party;
Consultancy and assistance concerning the advance of research and development projects – this facility will be offered by ARIES-TM with the help of a third party;
Consultancy and professional technical assistance in the ICT field – this facility will be offered by ARIES-TM through permanent collaboration with the actors directly involved, both in the advance and in the implementation stages of the project.

For more information on ARIES-TM members’ benefits, please contact us at +40 356 420 444 or via e-mail, at office@aries-tm.ro


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