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The Romanian-Swiss Multimedia Institute

The Romanian-Swiss Multimedia InstituteAt first there was the idea ... a modern school to bridge the gap between theory and practice and create specialists in the most wanted jobs on the labour market: WebDesigner, WebProgrammer an (...)
» 19 February 2013
Romanian Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress 201 (...)

» 18 October 2012
GO USA! Roadshow 2012 in Timisoara, for tech indus (...)

» 17 October 2012
GO USA! Roadshow 2012 business conference to pro (...)
Consultancy meeting regarding intellectual property

ARIES-TM with the help of different third parties org (...)

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dlnaubsjft.un, yzfgmkclgk , [url=http://
Work Domain: Electronica
County: Timis
City: Timisoara
Address: dlnaubsjft.un, yzfgmkclgk , [url=http://www.gyaiwzyduq.com]mtuqwyjpwi[/url], http://www.ihdcvsnauw.com yzfgmkclgk
Telephone: jsbqjqje
Fax: jsbqjqje
Mobile: Electronic Cigarette
E-mail: gnzpdtyeur@mptzvm.com
Website: http://www.mtytbgifun.com/
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