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18 June 2007
Meeting between the electronics and computers students and Alcatel-Lucent

The Timisoara branch of ARIES (The Romanian Association for Software and Electronic Industry) organized a meeting on June, 14th between Alcatel-Lucent Romania and students from years 3rd, 4th and 5th of the Electronics and Telecommunications and Automatics and Computers Faculties of the Polytechnic University, Timisoara.

The students found out about the hiring criteria (for both part and full-time), ways of selecting a student/graduate that intends to either do its practice stage of get hired in one of the existent departments of the company.

The conclusion after the 2 hours of the meeting is the fact that in the actual development context there is an obvious need to initiate some annual or semestrial planning and intercorrelation actions between students and companies in order to increase competitiveness in both the university and the companies' environment.

Source: Horia Gligor, ComputerWord

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