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CEX - Ongoing project implemented by ARIES-TM for the West Region
The Romanian-Swiss Multimedia Institute

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30 September 2011
2nd Training on Software Services- Cloud computing, TIMISOARA

DATE: 11-14 November 2011

: Representatives of on-going FP7-ICT projects dealing with Cloud computing
: Young researchers and developers from new member states


The event is dedicated to the spread of knowledge about the achievements of the projects in software services funded through EC FP7-ICT programme towards a community less involved in these projects and to stimulate through face-to-face meeting the collaborations with the new member states teams involved in software services.


The trainers are expected to be members of the on-going EC projects, while the trainees are expected to be young researchers (under age of 35) from new member states of Europe.

There are three categories of events:
- project presentations,
- participants presentations and
- awards.


The trainers are invited to organize their presentations either as interactive sessions, demos or talks, as they considered appropriate for the event. The trainees are invited to present their activities in software services as well as of the team they represent in short talks.

Application submission
: October 1st, 2011
Registration confirmation: October 15th, 2011
Decision about the support for the coverage of participation expenses: October 15th, 2011
Final program available at: November 1st, 2011
Training event: November 11-14, 2011
Award event: November 14th, 2011

Previous edition: http://sprers.eu/events/training-on-software-services


Fees and support
The participation is free of charge.
Registration (by e-mail to the above mentioned contact) is compulsory.
Moreover FP7-ICT project SPRERS will fully cover the participation costs (travel, lodging, lunches) for
* the invited trainers, representatives of EC FP7-ICT projects (maximum 10 persons)
* the young trainees from new member states (maximum 60 persons, with a reasonable coverage of the participant from different countries relative to the number of country inhabitants)


In order to benefit from SPRERS support, potential trainees are invited to apply for support until October 1st, by completing the application form available here, and sending it by e-mail together with the requested documents specified in the application form to the contact specified above. Other participants are expected to pay themselves for their own travel, accommodation and meals (latest estimated around 25 Euros/day).

Other related events:
Awards for Software Services R&D in New Member States (http://sprers.eu/events/awards-on-software-services-in-new-member-states)

Competion open for: Award for a young researcher - Deadline 10 October


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