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The uRADMonitor application has been launched

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The uRADMonitor mobile app, 100% Romanian, can help you monitor pollution. The data inside uRADMonitor comes from 2,000 sensors created by Radu Motișan’s team from Timișoara.

The sensor networks in the cities offer a clear image, in Romania there are a multitude of such sensors, and one of the Romanian networks is uRADMonitor, which has installed several hundred sensors in the country, but also abroad.

The app is currently only available on Android, but provides data that was otherwise accessible only on the desktop platform.

The sensors from uRADMonitor are installed in a small module that analyzes different types of particles in the air, from ozone, formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, but also volatile organic compounds. The sensors can be connected to Ethernet, WiFi, GSM or LoraWAN. URADMonitor also has industrial sensors, but also low cost variants, called Smoggie.

Read more here.

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