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The European Union and the Government of Romania, through the Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020, financed the project “Development of digital skills in the Center and West regions“, Mysmis Code: 143112, through which free courses in the field of information technology were held for employees and communications (ICT).

ARIES-TM supported this initiative, the project being free for the interested beneficiaries and at the same time, it contributed to the successful completion of this project, by organizing and conducting professional training programs for IT&C specialists.

The course “IT Project Management using Agile/Scrum and Lean/Kanban” has been tailored for IT&C professionals and designed to provide a deep understanding of the fundamental principles and essential practices for IT product and service development, software and IT project management efficient. At the same time, it focused on promoting a culture of innovation, adaptability and collaboration within organizations, encouraging a results-oriented approach in a constantly changing and competitive environment.

Through the course on Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban, the trainees demonstrated not only technical skills, but also perseverance and desire for continuous learning in an ever-evolving field, always being open to new opportunities for learning and professional development. They learned not only theoretical concepts, but also how to apply them in practice, solve problems and adapt to rapid changes in the industry.

Liviu Meseșan is the trainer responsible for facilitating this course, the only trainer authorized to support certified Scrum courses in Romania, recognized specialist in the IT industry, with extensive global experience in implementing and managing Agile projects, using Scrum, Lean and Kanban within organizations of IT and not only. With a career of more than 20 years in software development and IT project management, Liviu has worked in various working environments in the industry, accumulating solid knowledge and practical expertise in the adoption of Agile and the effective application of Scrum and Kanban frameworks.

Feedback from students regarding this course:

I chose to participate in this course and I think it was a good decision. The course provided me with both theoretical and practical information, allowed me to meet people eager to learn and progress in this profession. Thank you!” – Laura

The training was engaging and interesting, and the trainer seemed well prepared.” – Oana

I found out about this course from a friend and I signed up immediately, without thinking too much. I felt that this course would help me to strengthen and improve my knowledge in this field. The structure of the course, together with the learning methods, practical examples and open dialogue with the trainer, brought more interest and motivation. The classmates were nice people.” – Cristian

I’m glad that I decided to take this course because besides my graduation degree, I realized that there are still things I can learn.” – Gabriel

The course provided a relaxing and engaging environment at the same time. I am very satisfied with the experience provided by this course. Congratulations!” – Paula

One of the main reasons why I chose to participate in this course was the presence of the trainer, about whom I heard good things. I spent quality time and learned useful things.” – Mihai

I received information about this course from a colleague. I was looking for a training that would take place over a short period of time and that would offer both theoretical and practical aspects. I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness, promptness and availability with which I was informed before the course about the registration details, the required documents and the location. In addition, the group consisted of active and engaged people, and the trainer was close to us and supported us throughout.” – Claudiu

A good course, effective communication with the trainer and a relaxed atmosphere. We look forward to new proposals for training courses!” – Gabriel

Considering that I already work in this field, I wanted to update my knowledge and obtain a professional certification. I had a trainer who was well trained and able to lead the discussions in an alert and dense pace. This experience made it easier for me to meet people with initiative and motivation, and the trainer demonstrated seriousness and experience.” – Gheorghe G.

Good organization and preparation. I have no complaints!” – Vasi

Congratulations to the organizing team and the trainer for a successful course. The trainer was ready to answer our questions, showing great patience. Colleagues had interesting questions that stimulated and challenged us.” – Adina

I am satisfied! The trainer presented the information in a clear way and was responsive to any question, paying attention to the particularities of each participant!” – Andreea

Everything went naturally, the course was interactive throughout and the group dynamics were interesting. Thanks for the opportunity!” – Lucian

I am satisfied with the professionalism of those involved in this project. It was a nice experience. Congratulations on the organization and effort!” – Norbert

The organizing team was very responsive and available at any time. The training was interesting and I am glad I attended. Congratulations!” – Nicu

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