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Romania hosted the third edition of Blue OLEx, an annual exercise to test the EU’s readiness in the face of a cyber crisis

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The third edition of the “Blue OLEx” exercise took place at the Parliament Palace in Bucharest on 12 October. The scenario of the exercise was designed to test CyCLONe’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) at the executive level in the event of a large-scale cross-border cyber crisis or an incident affecting EU citizens and organizations.

The Blue OLEx event is organized every year by a Member State and supported by ENISA, in collaboration with the European Commission, with the aim of testing the EU’s readiness in the event of a cyber crisis affecting EU Member States.

This edition marks the first anniversary of the operation of the network of cyber crisis liaison organizations (CyCLONe).

CyCLONe is a cooperation network through which the national authorities of the Member States responsible for cyber crisis management develop the exchange of information and awareness of the situation on the basis of the tools and support provided by ENISA, which serves as CyCLONe’s secretariat.

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