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An interesting interview with Suma Claudiu about the electric mobility market

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The electric mobility market is in an incipient moment of growth locally, and the sales of companies developing businesses in this niche still do not register the expected volumes, which means that investments in electromobility become a winning bet only in the coming years, Claudiu explained Suma, CEO at LEKTRI.CO.

The business started in 2017 in Timişoara sells eight models of chargers for residential and commercial customers and for owners of electric car parks. Moreover, two of the chargers sold are developed through own investments.

LEKTRI.CO has so far sold about 300 charging stations, but during this period it is launching its third station model, following investments of several hundred thousand euros.

We invite you to watch an interview with Suma Claudiu, CEO of LEKTRI.CO about electromobility and about the launch of the third charging station that they developed on their own.

Read more here.

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