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40% of Romanian managers are convinced that our country is heading for recession and are trying to put their companies under shelter

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Bucharest, 2 October 2022

Most of the managers of Romanian companies believe that next year will be extremely difficult from an economic point of view. 40% of them expect the GDP to decrease and Romania to enter recession. Famous names from the Romanian business environment will meet on 2-3 November 2022 at Business Focus – The Next Level of Evolution, in search of solutions that will secure their companies in the period to come.

The presence at the Business Focus 2022 – The Next Level of Evolution event can provide a clear perspective on these crises both from the perspective of the Romanian authorities, regulatory institutions, as well as representatives of multinational companies that operate successful businesses in Romania or resilient entrepreneurs and performers from our economic environment. That is precisely why representatives of important institutions in Romania’s development, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Tourism, NATO and ANRE, will be present with us.” – Laszlo Pacso, CEO, Consultant at BD Business Opportunity Generating Services and organizer of Business Days.

Also during the event, the data of analyzes carried out in recent years will be discussed, which show that 27% of Romanian managers believe that the situation of the companies they lead has improved in the last year, while 19% of them believe that the activity, as a whole, has improved. However, domestic company managers are not at all optimistic about what the next year will bring. Two-thirds of them believe that the global and European economy will worsen in 2023, while 71% have the same opinion regarding the national economy.

Romanian entrepreneurs join forces at Business Focus 2022

Although the percentages do not indicate much confidence in the near future, most of those interviewed say that they are looking for solutions that will help them protect their companies and employees from the recession that they sense. All these will be main topics of discussion during Business Days. 60 national and international speakers, with over 10 years of experience in business and development, will participate this autumn, in Bucharest, at the event where they will debate burning topics of the current economy and try to find the most viable options for adaptation to a dynamic market, generated by the major changes of the last 2 and a half years.

According to the figures from the recent studies carried out by the Business Days platform between March 2020 and August 2022, the CONFIDEX studies carried out by Impetum Group in 2021 and 2022, the MKOR studies carried out in 2020, 2021 and 2022:

  • 93% of managers expect increased inflation;
  • 86% of managers expect the commodity crisis to continue;
  • 40% of managers believe that GDP will decrease.

That is precisely why the event aims to reveal the ways in which successful companies in Romania adapt to the new reality, how they prepare to face the challenges ahead and how they can maximize the opportunities derived from the current state of affairs or the reality of the expected future. Also, in the interactive sessions, the participants will learn and acquire the necessary skills for the rapid and successful digital transformation of their business.

We are back with this Anniversary Event with a dual purpose. Once, in order to connect entrepreneurs and decision-makers in Romanian companies to the opportunities and challenges of the future, offering them a professional climate of exchange of experience and learning through which they can adapt their strategies and businesses to the new context and to these opportunities and challenges. Then, to celebrate the Romanian entrepreneurs and managers who, through vision, innovation, creativity, ingenuity, leadership, excellence, transparent communication, thorough work and perseverance, have created and run businesses with an impact on the Romanian economy and society, generate inspiration and produce changes for the better , act responsibly and are pioneers in the digital transformation and technologization of the universe in which they operate and in which they have chosen to live, raise a family and raise their children, leaving them a legacy of a better world“, says Lazslo Pacso, CEO, Consultant at BD Business Opportunity Generating Services and organizer of Business Days.

Registrations for Business Focus – The Next Level of Evolution can be made on the event website until 31 October 2022.

The anniversary edition of the 12 years of existence of Business Days comes with 2 more awards at the Business Days Gala 12 of 12 on November 3 compared to the already traditional ones, for digital transformation and innovation. Nominations of entrepreneurs who have proven vision, social involvement, proactivity and expertise, social responsibility, indisputable leadership qualities or excellence in the relationship with customers can be made on the event website until October 5, 2022. They will be analyzed by a jury formed by top personalities of the Romanian entrepreneurial environment, including Marius Ghenea, Dragoș Petrescu (CEO City Grill Group), Ruxandra Hurezeanu (Founder of Ivatherm Cosmetics) and Dragoș Anastasiu (CEO Eurolines Romania).

About the Business Days Platform

Business Days has been working for over 12 years on the development of the economic environment in Romania and the consolidation of the entrepreneurial culture. Over 250 events were organized during this period, with over 45,000 cumulative participants and over 450,000 entrepreneurs and managers who decided to be part of the BD community. Over 3,100 speakers, trainers, consultants and experts have participated over time in offline or online events.

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