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Timișoara remains in the top salaries of IT specialists in Romania in 2022 as well

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2022 was a year in which the balance of the labor market was tilted in favor of candidates and employees. There were 14.1% more new jobs than in 2021 and 5.5% more than in 2019, the previous year comparable in terms of dynamics and context to 2022.

According to Salario data, the eJobs brand salary comparator, the counties with the highest salaries in 2022 were Bucharest, with an average net salary of 4,500 lei; Cluj, with 4,100 lei, Timiș (4,000 lei), Sibiu, Brașov, Iasi and Ilfov – each with 3,500 lei net. The list of counties that employed the most this year looks almost identical. Capital is in first place, followed by Cluj and Timiș, the next two places being disputed by Iași and Ilfov. Other counties where the average net salary exceeds the threshold of 3,000 lei are Bihor (3,500 lei), Constanța (3,200 lei) and Dolj (3,200 lei).

The best paid in 2022 were IT employees, who, with an average net salary of 6,000 lei per month, dominate the hierarchy by far. Those who work in project management occupy the second position, with an average salary of 5,000 lei, according to Salario data.

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