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The strategies of Romanian businesses to successfully overcome the crisis. 2-thirds of managers are betting on increasing productivity and exploring new markets

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Bucharest, 26.10.2022 – More than two thirds of Romanian managers believe that the solution to overcoming the economic crisis is to increase sales and productivity, together with the exploration of new markets. And to do all these things they try to be constantly connected to the business environment. In this context, the anniversary edition of Business Days, Business Focus 2022 – The Next Level of Evolution, this year hosts over 50 top entrepreneurs who will debate the biggest opportunities and challenges, both, in this period of crisis.

“The new reality brought new elements. I would only stop at three of them. A different market context, with unpredictability and an increased need for agility, with new business models. They push us to leave the thinking of financial profitability and to make the transition towards an importance given to all our stakeholders, in which leaders have a special role in terms of quality, efficiency, date, transparency, clarity, long-term business responsibility, as and of real concern for people, communities and the environment in which we live”, says Adela Jansen, expert in leadership and strategic management, speaker at Business Focus 2022 – The Next Level of Evolution.

Romanian managers’ strategies for the next period

The priorities during this period, according to managers, are sales growth (49%) and staff retention (41%). Next, two-thirds of managers opt for increased productivity, and 73% would prefer to explore new markets. The service sector is closest to this option (78%), while managers in agriculture prefer to a greater proportion to focus on the current portfolio of customers (47%), according to the CONFIDEX studies carried out by the Impetum Group in 2021 and 2022 and MKOR studies completed in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Adaptation. Digitization. Transformation. The triad of success for the business environment

Facing the challenges that the business environment is going through at the moment, Business Days proposes several discussion topics that can provide an overview of the possibilities that companies have to adapt, develop, transform and remain competitive on the markets in which it operates.

“The guests and participants of the Business Focus 2022 – The Next Level of Evolution event will be able to find out how successful companies in Romania adapt to the new reality and prepare to face the challenges ahead, but also how they can maximize the opportunities derived from the state actual fact or the reality of the expected future. Also, in the interactive sessions, they can learn and acquire the necessary skills for the rapid and successful digital transformation of their business, both in terms of internal processes, people management, and in that related to the effective management of the relationship with customers. Entrepreneurs will be able to identify new ways of financing and business development and will understand how the strategies of the Government and financial institutions on the Romanian market will provide support and support for the evolution of their business”, Laszlo Pacso, CEO, Consultant in marketing strategy and sales at BD Business Opportunity Generating Services and organizer of Business Days.

The anniversary edition of Business Days will take place between 2-3 November 2022, at the Radisson Blue Hotel, Bucharest and will bring together over 500 entrepreneurs and managers. Here you can find details about the options for participating in the event. Registrations can still be made until 30 October 2022.

The two days of the conference will end with the Business Days Gala, an edition where the most important 200 businessmen from the Romanian and international business elite have announced their presence.

About Business Days

Business Days has been working for 12 years on the development of the economic environment in Romania and the consolidation of the entrepreneurial culture. Over 250 events were organized during this period, with over 45,000 cumulative participants and over 450,000 entrepreneurs and managers who decided to be part of the BD community. Over 3,100 speakers, trainers, consultants and experts have participated over time in offline or online events.

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