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Outspoken by Loginro | Tech lifestyle festival for IT professionals

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On 24-26 November 2021, Loginro.com organizes Outspoken, the festival that makes people think about technology. We will talk not only about industry, but about people, about how the mind works, about the impact of technology in society, about the future and the present, about the places where we live, about how we work, about innovation that changes the world and what Romania has to offer now.

Among the speakers are Radu Umbreș, anthropologist and cognitive anthropology specialist, Nansi Lungu, behavioral analyst and psychologist, Mihai Matei, ANIS president and entrepreneur, Doru Trăscău, The Mono Jacks soloist and game designer and, from Bitdefender, Alex “Jay ”Bălan, Security Research Director, and Cătălin Cosoi, Senior Director of Investigation and Forensics Unit. Participation at the event is free of charge.

I thought of a festival that would be different, that does not repeat the same buzzwords of the industry, but talks about people. It really is a festival that will give us all something to think about, with sessions that provoke ideas, debates and highlight other perspectives from which to look at things. I am very glad that we managed to bring together valuable speakers, both from the area of ​​technology and from the field of cognitive sciences, art, branding or urbanism, which resonated with the concept of a different tech festival “, says Ana Giurcă, founder of Loginro.com.

In each of the three days, four sessions will take place, between 16:00 and 18:30.

Click here for more details on the event.

Loginro.com is a project meant to inspire and bring together people and companies in technology, but also to contribute to the positioning of the Romanian industry on the map of IT performance, while encouraging brain regain in the diaspora. The Outspoken tech lifestyle festival is just a first step. Over 25 companies and associations support the Loginro initiative, including Bitdefender, Siemens R&D Romania, Bosch Engineering Center in Cluj, DB Global Technology, LSEG Romania, ANIS, CCIFER, BRCC, Transilvania IT, ARIES-TM.

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