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Cloud Conference 2021

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Avaelgo, the founder of the Cloud Conference project, will organize the fifth edition of the “Cloud Conference” on 14 October 2021, in which technology specialists aim to bring more clarity on the extraordinary potential of artificial intelligence-based applications in both business and everyday life.

The mission of the conference is to support Romanian companies in adopting innovative technologies. Thus, Cloud Conference is both a business and a technology conference, focusing on the latest Microsoft Azure technologies, but also the ways in which these innovations can bring long-term benefits to companies.

Although the last period was full of challenges for all Romanian companies, Avaelgo managed to maintain its position on the market of technology service providers through its unique expertise and innovative services. All this time, the company’s mission has remained the same: optimizing processes through digitalization and innovation. In the near future, Avaelgo aims to bring the technologies that are revolutionizing international companies within Romanian companies as well.

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