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05 May 2009
IT industry in the Western Region of Romania

ARIES-TM (Romanian Association for Electronic and Software Industry, Timişoara branch) together with the Romanian-Belgian marketing consultancy company European Business Intelligence Gap (E.B.I.G.) have developed a research project on the IT&C industry in the Western Region of Romania, with the purpose of promoting the technological and business environment in this geographical area.

The IT&C companies in the Western part of the country have started to develop immediately after 1989. The Romanian IT&C industry owes much to its valuable representatives from this part of the country: not only to the multinationals, but also to the local companies that grew steadily and turned into worthful exponents of the sector under discussion.

The research project took place between December 2008 and February 2009, with the aim of creating a database of IT&C companies from the region, placing focus on the services offered and on success stories of software development companies in the Timiş and Caraş-Severin counties, as well as in the Romanian-Serbian border region. The 270 active companies identified within the two counties and the 25 success stories considered indicate a high level of development in the regional software industry.

Due to their significant role in emphasizing the methods that proved remarkable, that provided added value to customers and contributed to the development of their businesses, the database and the success stories will be published on the website of the banatsoftware.eu project. The information will also be available in a printed material that will be distributed during the events organized by ARIES-TM and during the national and international events which the Association will participate in.

According to the research study, the IT&C companies in the Timiş and Caraş-Severin counties offer mainly software development and business application services, to the detriment of PC games, drivers for different components and function environments (such as desktop environments).

It should be noted that the 164 respondent companies from both counties hold 21 certifications offered by important producers (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and others) and/or ISO attested.

The market research was initially advanced on 525 companies within Timiş and Caraş-Severin and to scores of companies in the Serbian border region. The starting point for the selection were the CAEN codes associated with the software application development services and the related IT&C services; the final number of companies identified as active software applications and solutions developers on the IT&C market was of 270.

ARIES Romania is a professional non-governmental organization that comprises over 270 members at national level. The organization has four local branches:  Timişoara, Cluj-Napoca, Braşov, Craiova  The branch in Timişoara came into being in September 2004. The purpose of ARIES-TM is the promotion, protection and development of a credible and prosperous IT&C industry in the Western Region of Romania.

ARIES-TM  has 62  member companies  .

For more information about research study, please contact  us : Codruţa Nicolescu, executive manager, codruta.n@aries-tm.ro, +40-741-163700

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